Info. Sergey Yudin Portrait photographer

Photographer Sergey Yudin  

My name is Sergey Yudin. I am a professional photographer from Chelyabinsk. Member of the National Federation of Photographers “Eurasia”. Member of the League of Professional Photographers of Russia.

I specialize in portrait photography. I prefer dramatic black-and-white and artistic photography, but I also shoot in other genres, such as classic fashion and Art nude.  

My works are published in glossy magazines, photo catalogs and photo books, including being placed on covers. 

Participant of international photo exhibitions.  

Contact with me

Awards and achievements  

  • Gold medal PSA 1st Circular Exhibition of Photography “FKNS SLM CIRCUIT 2021” (Serbia)
  • Gold medal DANUBE AUTUMN CIRCUIT 2022 (Slovenia)
  • Gold medal Danube Summer exhibition 2023 (Serbia) 
  • Silver medal + 2 honorary ribbons Azerbaijan Photo Salon 2022
  • Silver + bronze medals Umencia Art Photo 2023  
  • Bronze medal FIAP + 2 honorable mentions AWARDS PHOTO 2024 
  • Bronze Medal DANUBE AUTUMN CIRCUIT 2022 (Cyprus) 
  • Bronze medal IAAP PhotOlympic 2024 
  • 2nd and 3rd place WPE International Photographers Awards 2023 
  • 2 honorable ribbons International Photo Salon Grand Eurasia Circuit 2022 
  • Diploma of International Photo Salon International Photo Competition ribeirao preto 2022 (Brazil) 
  • Diploma of IAAP world cup 2023 
  • FIAP Ribbon of Honor in photo contest “Flash Music” Bulgaria 2023 
  • 35awards:                                                                                    Winner in the category “FASHION & GLAMOUR Series” 2023 Viewers' Choice in the category “Nude 18+” 2023            Viewers' Choice in the category “FASHION & GLAMOUR” 2021 Winner of the thematic contest “Man with a Beard” 2021
  • Finalist of Siena International Photo Awards 2022 (Portrait) 
  • Finalist of HIPA 2023 Finalist of Russian Photo Awards 2023 
  • Cover of the photo book “Il Volto Smascherato” (Italy)
Info. Sergey Yudin Portrait photographer